A New Year Activity

A New Year Activity

December 30, 2018

Happy New Year!  I know a New Year is a time for many people to set their intentions for the next year or maybe the next month.  I like to set long range goals for myself.  I also set monthly goals, sometimes daily and weekly goals as well.  Even sometimes, when I remember, I set goals for my workouts.  The point is goals can be short term or long term or anywhere in between.  The goal is to make sure they are attainable and keep forward progress in mind.  Reflection is also closely connected to goal setting.  We need to figure out through self-reflection what our goals are and then also make a plan for success.


Every year with my three littles, we have done this simple sentence completion activity.  I open up a new note on my phone and ask each child individually to finish the sentence.


Happy New Year! ______ (year)

My Name Is: 

Today’s Date Is: 

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be: 

My Best Friend Is: 

My Favorite Toy Is: 

My Favorite Thing That Happened This Year Is: 

My Favorite Thing to Do Is: 

Next Year, I’m Looking Forward To: 


It is fun to look back at this throughout the year and then to review it with them on New Year’s Eve.  They tend to look back and laugh or talk about how things may have changed for them throughout the year.  This is of course just a suggestion and could be modified to your individual child.  Have fun with it! 


Happy New Year!