Meet Karen

Clothing is part of our identity. As a child growing up with two brothers, I was not a fan of the black patent leather shoes and frilly dresses I was forced to wear.  For me, fashion has to be expressive and comfortable therefore, the fabric and materials used have to be high quality.

The gift I share and the reason I started this business was my ability to find fabrics and patterns that are unique and not mainstream. Outside of the box thinking and permission to dream is why I have so much fun creating. I am also a third generation seamstress. Being taught to sew at a young age has proved to be quite beneficial.

My grandmother immigrated from Italy to America through Ellis Island. She left her country for a better way of life, for a dream her parents believed in, which was work hard, do right by people and you will be successful.  These morals and beliefs have been woven into our tapestry generation after generation.


Fun Facts


Spirit Animal: Tiger
Can’t live without: Hugs from my three little kids
Hobby: Working out
Sign: Virgo



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